Before & After - Lovely Wallpapered Kitchen

Mon Aug 13, 2012 7:57 am
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To use wallpaper in the kitchen can be a great way to soften things up a bit and giving the space more character. This lovely kitchen remodel by painter Lily Martine Baxter has really incorporated contemporary edgy kitchen design with the softer notes of romantic wallpaper. I think the match works out just beautifully!


There are so many aspects of this kitchen before and after that I absolutely love! First of all - the darling wallpaper. It's unique and interesting and aren't the soft red / pink notes just wonderful! Of course if you had put this wallpaper in a white cottage setting then you would have had a completley different result. However, here they chose to match the romantic wallpaper with modern kitchen cabinets, subway tile, and a black countertop.


Isn't the result unexpecting and interesting!

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