Emsco Victorian Fleur de Lis Garden Fence at Home Depot in Resin

Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:37 pm
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Decorate your garden with style, using this Emsco Victorian Fleur de Lis garden fence in resin which you can find over at Home Depot. To separate certain garden beds or pathways, or sections of your backyard with garden fences is a really good and effective idea and it doesn't have to cost too much to do it either.

This Emsco fleur de lis garden fence come in a twelve pack and for that you pay $35, not bad, right! One reason why the cost is so low is because these fences are made out of resin or plastic, and not metal. Although since these are coated with a black paint, they sure look like metal so I'm not sure it makes much difference, really. Besides, when it's made in resin it's so much easier to cut and shape so you have a lot more flexibility than if you were working with metal, that's for sure.

In terms of design, I absolutely adore this Victorian fleur de lis theme. It's quite decorative and handsome and really adds a fine touch. I think this fence really proves that it doesn't have to take that much to really spruce up your front or backyard and make it look neat, organized and elegant. And Home Depot or other stores such as Lowes or Sears really carry a rather nice selection that's totally worth checking out, especially if you're on a budget and you need some fresh and practical gardening ideas to make your space even better and more easy to care for. 

Emsco Victorian Fleur de Lis Garden Fence Home Depot

Emsco Victorian Fleur De Lis Medium 16 in. Resin Garden Fence (12-Pack)

"Add an elegant feature with help from the Emsco Victorian Fleur De Lis Medium 16 in. Resin Garden Fence (12-Pack). This easy-to-install resin fencing features a classic Victorian gate archway design. Durable resin construction is easy to cut and shape. Elegant Victorian gate design. Textured to increase visual appeal"

Price: $35.48 /PK-Package

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