Vinyl White Picket Fences from Sears

Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:07 am
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Your dream towards having the perfect little house would be one step closer with one of these vinyl white picket fences from Sears. Few things realy gives a home as much curb appeal and charm as the a traditional picket fence surrounding your front yard. In the past white picket fences were made out of wood which looked really good, however it did require some maintenance every now and then in terms of scraping, sanding and painting. 

Well, if you really like the look of a white picket fence but you're dreading the idea of doing maintenance, then the more modern approach to white fences might agree with you! Nowadays, most picket fences are made in vinyl which means no upkeep other than perhaps a rinse with the hose every now and then. Vinyl is really great because it's completely resistant to moisture, rot, decay and termites, plus it looks really good!

Over at Sears you can find a rather wide selection of these white picket fences by brands such as Genova Building Products, CR Laurence, Greenes Fence and more. Most of these products are made in vinyl, however a couple seems to be made in metal. And if you don't want vinyl but you prefer old fashioned wood, then you can always get wooden panels and paint it white yourself. Either way, the addition of one of these lovely fences could definitely go a long way towards making your front (or backyard) more charming and inviting!

sears picket fence

Genova Building Products Traditional Picket Fence Section By Genova Building Products

6'Wht Pckt Fence Section: Picket Fence Vinyl Section

Price: $59.99

sears picket fence

UFPI LBR & Treated 3' X 8' Spaced Picket Yard Fence Section By Ufpi Lbr & Treated

3/8 Wh Vnyl Picket Fence: Picket Fence Vinyl Spaced 3'X8' Section

Price: $49.99

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