Swing Sets from Lowes in Wood, Metal & Vinyl

Sat Aug 25, 2012 9:43 am
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Provide your kids with a fun playset such as one of these swing sets from Lowes in wood, metal or vinyl! If you have the space in your backyard, then it definitely makes tons of sense to put up your very own swing set, that way your children can play with the swing so much more frequently, and you can feel safer about knowing exactly where they are!

At Lowes as well as other home improvement stores you can either get one of their playground sets which often feature a whole structure with a slide, swings, a climbing wall etc... One of those would be great if you want something rather extensive and if you have a big budget as well as a lot of space to work with. Another option would be to just put up a swing in a tree or a swing set. The swing seats can be found in various sizes, and they are usually made out of vinyl. Of course you can also find tire swing seats and other fun options which could be neat if you want to mix it up a bit.

Whether you have a large tree that you figured you could hang a big swing from, or whether you need a whole structure, Lowes would be a good place to go because their selection is rather wide and their prices are quite low. If you do put up a nice swing set in your backyard, then you can rest assured your children (or grandkids perhaps?) always have some way to entertain themselves and have fun in a safe environment. It's really a win win for everybody, so it seems like a good idea to invest in a swing set!

lowes playground equipment
Adventure Playsets Prestige Residential Wood Playset

Little ones discover the fun of climbing, sliding and swinging for the first time. This playset is the perfect beginning playset for younger children and is ideal for yards with space constraints. This playset comes with it's very own easy-up rock wall ladder, 4 hunter green rocks for big or little feet on the go and a colorful hunter green and yellow canvas roof that shades the 6.25 sq. ft. play deck. Includes 2 colorful adjustable belt swings and 1 trapeze bar with kid friendly chains

Price: $549.99

lowes playground equipment

Swing-N-Slide Extra-Duty Swing Seat

Extra-duty, reinforced plastic seat. Wider sling designed for greater comfort. Includes adjustable length chains. Includes easy-to-follow instructions. For private backyard use only

Price: $34.98

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