Sonoma Outdoors Coronado Dining Table & Chairs at Kohls

Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:25 am
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Any patio would look handsome if you placed these Sonoma Outdoors Coronado dining table and chairs there. Available to purchase at Kohls, these Sonoma Coronado outdoor furniture are really quite handsome and would be perfect if you're looking to make your patio or deck a place to host dinners, both casual and more formal, either way would work great. 

Included in this Sonoma Coronado outdoor collection are the sling chairs which are priced at $80 each. These sling chairs either come as stationary models or folding models, it's up to you which one you prefer. Then you have the Coronado dining table which features a tile top which gives it a very decorative, contemporary touch which contrasts really nicely with the sling chairs. 

Other nice pieces available in this collection which match nicely is the rectangular umbrella, and a smaller umbrella table which also fills a function as an end table. Of course you could pick and choose what pieces you would prefer out of this collection, or you could get all of it and really create a well furnished, comfortable outdoor seating space that's cool and shaded under the large umbrella.

SONOMA outdoors Coronado Collection

"Make the most of the great outdoors with this SONOMA outdoors Coronado Collection. In dark brown/tan. Product Features: Ceramic tile center accents the look with contemporary flair. Tempered glass tabletop ensures durability"

Price: $79.99-$329.99 

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