Motorized & Manual Retractable Awnings from Sears

Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:29 am
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Bring shade and style to your patio or porch with one of these motorized retractable awnings or manual retractable awnings from Sears. If your outdoor area gets too hot to spend time in, during the sunniest part of the day, then putting up an awning can do a lot! Suddenly you'll be able to use this space in a way that previously wasn't possible, so it can definitely be a worthwhile investment.

When it comes to picking an awning, you basically have two options: do you want one that's manual or motorized in terms of retractability? If you want it to be super simply to bring the awning in and out, then going with a motorized unit makes more sense, but if you don't really care, then why not go with a manual unit...

The other thing that's rather important in terms of choice would be the design. Over at Sears you have a lot of awesome options in terms of style. I really prefer the striped awnings, however there are solid colors to choose between as well. And since you won't be replacing this anytimes soon, you better make a good chioce the first time around... One thing that might help in terms of design would be picking something that matches the style of your outdoor furniture, or get something that's already present in the colors of your house. To create a contrast is always a good idea too, but there really shouldn't be too difficult to find something, since there are so many neat colors to choose between. It seems like the brand featured at Sears is Beauty Mark with the most popular sub models being Maui, Destin and Sedona.

sears retractable awning

Beauty-Mark Maui Motorized Retractable Awning - Burgundy/Forest/Tan

This elegant, sturdy BEAUTY-MARK designer retractable awning will provide years of patio enjoyment. Features: Reduces energy costs by up to 35%. Low cost, high quality value. Easy to install. Resistant to moisture, mildew, fading, rot & soil. Blocks fading of interior furniture & floors. 10" valance with wave scallop & matching trim

Price: from $849.99 To $2499.95

sears retractable awning

Beauty-Mark 20 Ft. SEDONA - Manual Retractable Awning 10.2 Ft. Projection

Reclaim your outdoor space with a SEDONA Manual Retractable Awning by Awntech. Perfect for commercial or residential applications. This awning makes your backyard oasis comfortable and cool. And did you know that the very same features that allow this manual awning to keep your patio, deck or store front cool can also lower your energy costs? By shading your doors and windows you decrease the amount of radiant heat entering your home or business, thereby reducing the amount of work your air conditioner has to do? How many other outdoor products can you say that about?

Price: $2399.99

Find out more at sears.com

Find out more at sears.com

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