Metal Garden Treasures Gazebo from Lowes with Insect Net

Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:49 am
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Want an outdoor structure but don't want to pay thousands of dollars? Well, this metal Garden Treasures gazebo from Lowes with matching gazebo insect net might be something you find appealing then. While cedar gazebo kits can literally climb in the thousands of dollars in price, this square Garden Treasures gazebo, made with a steel frame and a fabric canopy is priced at only $269. That is an incredible difference in price, and if you're mostly thinking of this structure as something temporary to put up during the summer to host parties in, or something you just don't care if it doesn't last many years in the future, then I think this would be the way to go. To also pick up the Garden Treasures mosquito net makes a lot of sense, because if you're planning to use it at night and you live in an area with mosquitos and other bugs, then it's almost a necessity. The insect net comes with a zipper on either side, so it's really easy to open to enter and exit the gazebo, and it will keep everybody inside relaxed and mosquito free...

If you have the available space in your backyard, then I think there are few things that can make it as cozy and usable as a nice structure. Somehow that just frames in the area better and creates more of a sectioned off look, which truly makes the area more useful and practical.  To check out stores like Lowes can definitely pay off since sometimes you can find structures such as these which really are rather affordable. Wouldn't this Garden Treasures gazebo be ideal for dinner parties and other get-togethers? I think, with a couple of lanters or outdoor string light you could further enhance the livability factor, and if you brought in some nice outdoor furniture, then I bet noone would ever want to leave!

lowes gazebo

Garden Treasures 10'L x 10'W Square Gazebo with Brown Fabric Canopy

Durable steel frame. Easy to assemble. Netting available; sold separately

Price: $269

lowes gazebo

Garden Treasures Black Polyester Insect Net for 10-ft Square Metal Gazebo

Insect net for 10' square gazebo. Zipper on each side

Price: $269

from lowes.com

Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:49 am
Name: Don Comment: We've had this Gazebo for 3 years now and you can't find a better Gazebo for the prices anywhere. We replaced the top cover one time in these 3 years and added a ceiling fan
that we got at Lowes for like $60 and got a long piece of pipe to hang the fan down out
of the ceiling. My wife and I have spend any a hours in this Gazebo along with our friends
and everybody loves this Gazebo. I may be replacing it with a new one this year(2017) as
the weather/rain is starting to take it's toll on the ground metal but for the price I can say
I can replace it 5 times for the price of the other one out there.

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