Lowes Outdoor Dog Kennels - Chain Link Metal

Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:39 pm
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Keep your pet protected and safe in one of these outdoor dog kennels from Lowes! These chain link metal dog kennels are available in various sizes and they're all rather sturdy and well made, so you don't have to be concerned of your dog getting out of it, or breaking it in any way. To go with an outdoor dog kennel could definitely be a good idea if you leave the dog alone at home when you're away at work. At least by being outside, the dog gets some fresh air and gets to experience different smells, whereas there isn't as much stimulation in the house.

A dog kennel could also be a good idea if you want the dog to relax during his downtime and not go scavanging all over the house. When you put him in a kennel, then he's in a controlled setting and it can be much more calming for the dog as well as the human! Most of these dog kennels also come with lockable latches which are very secure and durable. If you're looking to also fence in your property, or you want a wireless reciever collar, then you can find that at Lowes as well. So get your pet situated right so you can enjoy him. Get a safe, practical outdoor kennel that's easy to clean and that is safe and secure. That way everybody will feel more on top of things.

dog kennel

AKC 10' x 5 'x 6' Welded Wire Kennel with Shade Cloth

Lockable steel door latch virtually can not be opened by your pet. Professional grade 8 gauge welded steel construction

Price: $369

dog kennel

Modular Panel Kennel

Easy assembly with modular gate and wall panels. Lockable steel door latch virtually can not be opened by your pet

Price: $299

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