Lowes Gatehouse Flat Top Privacy Vinyl Fence

Wed May 08, 2013 7:02 am
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If you're in the market for a clean looking, practical fence then wouldn't one of these Gatehouse flat top privacy vinyl fences from Lowes be a good idea? Over at Lowes home improvement store you have a rather wide selection of different fences to choose between in all sorts of materials, so you really have your pick as to whether you should go for a fence in wood, metal or vinyl  - and whether you need a shorter front lawn fence or a higher privacy fence for the back...

These Gatehouse privacy vinyl fence panels are available in a couple of different sizes. If your goal is to get as much privacy as possible, then I would definitely go for the eight feet fence, however you should also check local regulations because often times six feet is the limit, unless you apply for additional permits. Of course you can also find six feet high vinyl fences here which might be the way to go if you want to deal with less hassle.

These Gatehouse privacy fences all feature a flat top design which is rather appealing and it does provide the look of painted wood, when of course these panels are actually made out of vinyl which means that you, the homeowner won't ever have to do any maintenance or upkeep which will free you up to do other things around your property!

Gatehouse Arborley 6-ft x 6-ft White Flat-Top Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel

"Coordinating items include model # 73013947 white vinyl post, model # 73013962 rail bracket kit, model # 73013955 white gothic post top, model # 73002172 vinyl cement. Can be installed to step over terrain. Post tops and hardware sold separately. Sturdy low maintenance vinyl construction. No-sag truss system with rails permanently attached to boards. 3/4" x 6" boards on panel. Compatible with Brighton vinyl fence panel "

Price: $44.97

Gatehouse Emblem 6-ft x 8-ft White Flat-Top Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel

"Notched posts sold separately, model # 73013950 line post, model # 73013951 corner post, model # 73014057 post end. Rackable up to 8" in height across 8' of sloped terrain. Includes 2 U-channels for finishing ends. 7/8" x 6" tongue-and-groove boards. Easy to assemble "

Price: $99.98

More information at lowes.com

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