Gatehouse Arborley & Emblem Privacy Fence Panels in Vinyl at Lowes

Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:04 am
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Achieve great looks and privacy with these Gatehouse Arborley privacy fence panels or these Gatehouse Emblem privacy fence panels, both of which are made in durable vinyl and available to buy at Lowes home improvement center among other stores. If you've been thinking for some time now about either upgrading to a new fencing system, or maybe putting up a fence where there were none before, then I must say that vinyl is a really good option.

Vinyl fences are great because they provide charm and charachter, and look much like painted wooden fences, however they require no maintenance whatsoever which is always really nice and practical. The Gatehouse Arborley privacy fence features a very clean and popular design with wider style boards and an horizontal board that breaks up the panel about 3/4 to the top of the fence.

The Gatehouse Emblem vinyl panel on the other hand looks a bit more traditional to me with tigheter looking, more defined panels and more of a focus on a top cap and an endcap. Which one you go for is purely a matter of taste and need. The Emblem panel does however go up to eight feet high whereas the Arborley panel only reaches six feet high. The Emblem is also more expensive because of this fact.

I think both of these are nice however and either one would be a great improvement to any back or front yard, and then of course you also don't need to paint or sand or stain in a year or two which is always a nice aspect. 

Gatehouse Arborley 6-ft x 6-ft White Flat-Top Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel

"Coordinating items include model # 73013947 white vinyl post, model # 73013962 rail bracket kit, model # 73013955 white gothic post top, model # 73002172 vinyl cement. Can be installed to step over terrain. Post tops and hardware sold separately. Sturdy low maintenance vinyl construction. No-sag truss system with rails permanently attached to boards. 3/4" x 6" boards on panel. Compatible with Brighton vinyl fence panel "

Price: $44.97

Gatehouse Emblem 6-ft x 8-ft White Flat-Top Privacy Vinyl Fence Panel

"Notched posts sold separately, model # 73013950 line post, model # 73013951 corner post, model # 73014057 post end. Rackable up to 8" in height across 8' of sloped terrain. Includes 2 U-channels for finishing ends. 7/8" x 6" tongue-and-groove boards. Easy to assemble "

Price: $99.98

More information at lowes.com

Mon Jun 23, 2014 6:19 am
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Sun Oct 19, 2014 11:04 am
Name: ken simpson Comment: I need 4 of the u channels for the sides of the panel boards for the emblem fencing I bought at lowes. if this isn't the right place to get them pleace help me with phone# or other contact means for the fencing parts I need thank you ken

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