Garden Pebbles, Stepping Stones & Rocks from Lowes

Sun Aug 19, 2012 9:24 am
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It's amazing what you can create in terms of landscaping with some garden pebbles, rocks and stepping stones! If you're thinking of finishing off your gardening space then I would definitely take a trip to Lowes because they have a really nice selection. Whether you have a front yard or a backyard that needs some serious TLC, you can create some lovely borders, patios and designs with rocks and stones of different kinds. You can also incorporate these materials into garden beds as well as utilizing them for building outdoor furniture such as benches and tables, especially in mosaic designs. Wouldn't it be awesome for example to use these lovely garden pebbles and some grout to create a nice mosaic floor or table for the backyard!

So what kind of rocks or stones should you choose? Well, personally I prefer natural materials whenever possible. That means no rubber or resin stones. Sure, these proucts can be useful and practical in some settings, but in terms of landscaping I would definitely stick with real stones, real pebbles and real pavers. Next,  you should think about the sizes you need. Would tiny little pebbles be a better option and not larger stones for your project, or do you think it would be easier to do your landscaping with some sizeable stepping stones? Either way, Lowes is a really good place to (although I'm sure Home Depot wouldn't be far off in terms of their selection.) Another place to look into would be your local gardening center since sometimes you can really find some nice products there that area affordable, as well as local to your area.

lowes patio pavers

Solistone 10-Pack 12" x 12" Anatolia Decorative Pebbles Multi Color Natural stone Floor Tile

Don't forget your coordinating trim pieces, grout, backerboard, thinset and installation tools. All online orders for this item ship via parcel ground and may arrive in multiple boxes. Solistone offers the finest assortment of imported decorative tile and natural stone in the tile industry. Samples available upon request

Price: $99.83

lowes patio pavers

Oldcastle Cassay 15-3/4-in x 15-3/4-in Tan Charcoal Four-Cobble Paver

Natural cobblestone look and feel. Joints create the look of 4 separate cobble stones with the ease of installing just 1. Available in 2 sizes to be used together or separately. Ideal for patio overlays, patios, walkway

Price: $4.49

lowes patio pavers

allen + roth Cavan 20-3/4-in L x 15-1/4-in W Tan Charcoal Concrete Portage Patio Stone

1-piece system designed to interlock to create a seemingly random pattern. Each stone has 1 of 6 different natural textures. Use independently to create stepping stones or together to make a continuous path. Ideal for patio overlays, patios, walkways, stepping stones. Flexibility, whether a patio created by tightly interlocking your portage stones, or a path with grass between each stone, create a design that meets your needs

Price: $4.93

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