Animal Rabbit Guard Fence for Raised Garden Beds at Lowes

Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:35 am
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To see your harvest be consumed by animals is so frustrating! So protect your garden beds with this Frame It All rabbit guard fence which should keep all those annoying critters out for sure! This practical rabbit guard raised bed fence is made with stainless steel uprights and heavy duty netting, so it should be sturdy enough and hold up well over the years I'm sure.

Before you get started however, you might want to diagnose your situation. If you're having vegetables and flowers disappear over night, are you sure it's rabbits that are doing the damage? If you are, then this Frame It All garden fence should do the job just fine. But, if you're having a problem with deer, then you're going to have to get a much higher fence, because this small fence won't do a thing to keep deer out.

I definitely understand why someone would invest in raised garden bed fence, because once you put all that time and effort into getting a good harvest, there is nothing more frustrating to see it vanish right before your eyes! So if you know you have a small animal or rabbit problem, then don't wait a minute. Pick this practical fence up and protect your food and your flowers! It shouldn't be hard to install and it's nice because it doesn't block your garden from the sun or the rain, it just keeps unwanted critters out.

Frame It All 24-in x 8-ft Silver Rabbit Guard Fencing

"Sturdy construction keeps animals out. Constructed out of durable materials including stainless-steel uprights and heavy-duty netting. Easy to install"

Price: $88.28

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