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To make our homes beautiful and useful, we also have to focus on the outdoors. In this category you will find information on gardening, fencing, outdoor structures such as sheds, pergolas and gazebos etc... We love to review different products and find interesting solutions that you can apply in your backyard!
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Village Green Walk In Greenhouse from Big Lots

Mon May 20, 2019 12:23 pm
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Take gardening to the next level this year with this Village Green Deluxe walk in greenhouse. There is no getting around it, if you want to start seedlings early, and protect various plants from the cold on a larger scale, or if you simply want to grow plants that naturally don't grow in your climate zone, then you need a greenhouse. 

Of course most greenhouses are outragously expensive and out of the price range for most people. But, it doesn't have to be that way. This Vilalge Green Deluxe walk in greenhouse from Big Lots is priced at only $120. Now that's quite the bargain. Sure, this greenhouse is a bit more flimsy than many other models around, however if you place it in an area that's not particularly windy, then you have a better chance at succeeding. This particular greenhouse comes with 12 metal frame shelves and it has a clear PVC cover. This one is in fact easy to move and work with, so it would be perfect if you don't want anything too permanent.

Over at Big Lots you do have other options too if you want something even cheaper, or maybe something a touch smaller. There is a 4 tier greenhouse which you can't walk into, but that still will provide protection against plants and seedlings. At this particular store you can also find really nice outdoor structures such as gazebos and canopies if that's mainly what you're looking for.

I think these Village Green greenhouses would be pretty great as a started greenhouse for someone who's itching to get started and grow more stuff in their backyard. And the cool thing is, you can use it for anything! Vegetable seedlings, flowers, whatever it is that you want to grow!

Village Green Deluxe Walk-In Greenhouse

"12 metal frame shelves. Great for seed propagation, plant growing & display. Includes clear PVC cover. Easy to assemble"

Price: $119 

Find out more at biglots.com

Wilson and Fisher Gazebo Replacement Parts

Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:34 am
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If you're looking for Wilson and Fisher gazebo replacement parts, then may I suggest you head over to your nearest Big Lots where they're sold in the first place. It's really frustrating when a part of a structure such as a gazebo or pergola gets worn down, broken or lost, and you really don't want to buy a whole new unit. No, it makes a lot more sense to simply pick up a new part to replace the old one with, however sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find something that meets your exact specifications.

There are a few places that generally are worth trying if you're having a hard time. At first, always go back to the store where you bought the gazebo in the first place and see if they carry replacement parts. Often times they might carry a replacement canopy or something like that. The second step would be to call up the manufacturer directly and see what they say. Sometimes they can sell a part directly to you, or they might direct you to where you could find something like that. Thirdly, if those two methods haven't worked out, I would start checking out Ebay and other 3rd party sites where you might get lucky and find what it is you need. And if that doesn't work out, then I would carefully look at exactly what I need, take measurements etc... and then see if perhaps another brand would work, sometimes these products are rather similar, so at times an other brand could work instead.

Either way, it definitely is worth it to do a little digging in order to find something that works well for your product, so you don't have to run out and spend more money than you have to.

Wilson & Fisher Newport Octagon Gazebo

"Add style and character to your backyard with this unique octagonal design gazebo. Weather-resistant domed canopy features vented double roof. Polyester screen mesh keeps bugs out with zippered access on all sides. Includes hooks for hanging your own floral baskets or lanterns. Durable powder-coated steel frame. Approximate coverage: 143 sq. ft. Furniture & accessories not included"

Price: $289.99

Wilson & Fisher South Hampton Gazebo

"Relax and enjoy outdoor living in style. Weather-resistant domed canopy features vented double roof. Polyester screen mesh keeps bugs out with zippered access on all 4 sides. 4 zippered privacy curtains provide a barrier from sun, wind and rain. Durable powder-coated steel frame. Spring clips make assembly quick and easy"

Price: $349.99

Find out more at biglots.com


Resin Rubbermaid Storage Sheds from Lowes

Mon Aug 14, 2017 12:51 pm
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Pratical, durable and reasonable in price; that's one way to describe these resin Rubbermaid storage sheds from Lowes. If you have been looking for something that won't rust, rot, or be subjected to termites or anything else that would cause decay, then going with plastic definitely makes a lot of sense. These Rubbermaid storage buildings at Lowes don't ever require any upkeep or maintenance, and whereas you might have to sand and paint a wooden shed every couple of years, there is no need at all for that with one of these resin units.

Over at Lowes you can actually find a rather nice selection of these Rubbermaid sheds. They come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter whether you need something long and narrow or short and long, or maybe you have more space and want a larger sized building, it shouldn't be a problem. Let's take a look at the two units below: The first one measure 4 1/2 x 6 feet and that would be an adequate size for storing garden tools and other stuff. The other shed is larger and measures  7 x 7 feet. You would have no issues whatsoever fitting a rather large riding lawn mower, bicycles or other tools and things which are more cumbersome. These sheds feature double wall construction and the doors are steel inforced for extra strength and durability. So all in all, it seems like these Rubbermaid storage sheds should hold up well for quite some years to come, and since there are so many models available it shouldn't be too tricky to find something that works with your space requirements and budget.

lowes storage shed

Rubbermaid Roughneck 4-1/2' x 6' Resin Storage Shed

Fits push mower and adult bicycles, straight in, and is ideal for storing lawn and garden equipment. Extra-deep fit for large, hard-to-store items. Durable, double-wall construction provides an extra layer of protection for added strength and security. Leak-, dent- and weather-resistant. Heavy-duty, impact-resistant floor included. Easy to assemble

Price: $499.00

lowes storage shed

Rubbermaid 7-ft x 7-ft Gable Storage Shed

Great for storing riding mowers, bicycles, garden tools, large power equipment, yard supplies, trash cans or seasonal items such as ladders and snow blowers. Steel-reinforced doors for added security. Durable, double-wall construction provides an extra layer of protection for added strength and security. Leak-, dent- and weather-resistant. Maintenance-free: no rot, no rust, no problems

Price: $549

Find out more at lowes.com

Freedom Vinyl & Aluminum Fencing Panels at Lowes

Wed May 03, 2017 12:25 pm
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Improve the look of your back- or front yard with these Freedom vinyl fencing panels, or Freedom aluminum fencing panels, both of which are available to buy over at Lowes. When you work on deciding what kind of fence would be most appropriate for your property, I suppose there are several factors to look at such as costs, need of privacy and overall looks. In terms of style, I think both the vinyl as well as the aluminum panels look nice, if different. The Freedom vinyl fence panels definitely feel more all-American with that white picket look which is so charming. The Freedom metal fence panels on the other hand look so much darker, a bit gothic and just different in overall design.

None of these panels are really that great in terms of privacy. If that's what you're looking for, then I would definitely go for a cedar privacy fence or even a vinyl privacy fence since those options would do a much better job to accomplish that. But, what if you like the open fence idea with panels that let in some air and that don't block the view completely... I think that works especially nice in most front yards, since there you might not want to completely block the view, you just want to establish a border and add an element of design.

At Lowes you obviously have quite a few options to choose between in terms of brands and products. However, over here at Twilight Gray we really like these Freedom fencing panels because they're rather affordable and they feature such nice designs! At Lowes you can also find matching gates and a variety of fencing panels that feature different designs; some more simple and some more decorative.

lowes fencing panels

FREEDOM 3-ft x 8-ft White Gothic Picket Vinyl Fence Panel

Low maintenance. Pre-assembled; ready to install. Never needs painting; won't splinter. Lightweight design

Price: $44.97

lowes fencing panels

FREEDOM 5-ft x 8-ft Black Aluminum Fence Panel

No visible fasteners in fence panels, using our new patent pending technology. Panel available in 8' lengths. May be available in other colors. Installation accessories, picket tops, post tops, decorative accents and gate accessories sold separately. Arched or straight gates available to complement the fence panel

Price: $133

Find out more at lowes.com

Wilson & Fisher Dome Pop Up Gazebo with Netting at Big Lots

Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:46 am
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Perfect to hide away from the sun, this Wilson & Fisher dome pop up gazebo with netting doesn't cost a lot of money, but inside you can create quite the perfect little hide-away! Available to buy at Big Lots where you actually can find quite a few different outdoor structures such as gazebos, pergolas and umbrellas, as well nice looking patio furniture too, it's really quite the place to check out if you're trying to spruce up your backyard or patio.

This Wilson & Fisher pop up dome tent measures 11 x 11 feet which is quite a reasonable size and it's really easy to put up and take down. In other words, it's not a structure you keep out all season, you put it up if you're having an event or a party or if you're just creating a nice outdoor set up for a little while. However it's really easy to put up as well take down, so you don't have to feel so locked in to having it up all the time.

The canopy here is made in durable fabric which should be able to tolerate exposure to the weathers reasonably well. It also comes with a net so you can get comfortable inside your little dome, and be completely protected from the bugs. All together it doesn't seem like a bad idea to have this dome up pop up pergola ready to go in the garage or the storage shed, especially considering the very affordable price and the nice looks.

Wilson & Fisher 11' x 11' Dome Pop Up With Netting

"Instant protection from the sun and bugs. Unique dome style with "pop-up" convenience. Covers 121 sq. ft. Mesh screens are removable and zippered. Fire retardant 160 polyester top and leg fabric. Durable powder coated frame. Ground stakes and carry bag included. Instructions included. Do not set up in severe wind conditions as this may damage the product"

Price: $129.99

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