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To make your home feel special and personal is not an easy thing! It's all those small touches that goes into the concept of interior design which really accomplishes that. In this category you'll find cool products, nice decorative tips and more.
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Duvet Covers at Macys by Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren & Martha Stewart

Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:09 pm
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Change the look of your comforter in one simple step with one of these duvet covers from Macys by Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren or why not Marthat Stewart! If you already have a comfortable comforter in your bedroom, then it makes absolutely not sense to replace it, no you can change the way it looks by simply putting on a new duvet cover!

Most of these designer brands design gorgeous bedding products and duvet covers are no exception. With most of these collections you can also purchase matching linens, bedskirts and other accessories if you want to, or you could go with just the duvet.

So let's take a look at a couple of these lovely products from Macys! First up we have a nice Calvin Klein duvet cover which features a grey and powder blue design with a subtle pattern. Quite elegant I have to say. Next up we have the Ralph Lauren duvet cover. This one features a Moroccan influence with bold patterns and a nice design. This one if any, would make a big statement! Then we also have this lovely Martha Stewart duvet cover which would be ideal if you want something that's quite basic and straight forward and that you would be able to pair with a lot of your other sheets and bedding. Of course these are just a few of all the nice sets over at Macys, but aren't these a nice bunch!


Calvin Klein Bedding, Cottonwood Comforter and Duvet Cover Sets

Soft combed cotton sateen provides the perfect backdrop for Calvin Klein's graceful Cottonwood bedding. Vertical vines adorned with small buds give the bedding a nature-inspired touch. Hazy hues of stone grey and powder blue complement the natural scene, while 300 thread count cotton sateen sheeting completes the understated, luxurious look.

Price: $112.97 


Lauren Ralph Lauren Bedding, Marrakesh Printed Collection

Embracing a Moroccan influence, the Marrakesh Printed bedding collection from Lauren Ralph Lauren has a decidedly artisanal ambiance. Vivid patterns, smooth cotton sateen and warm earthy hues reflect the elegance and eclectic appeal of this collection

Price:  $329.99 


Martha Stewart Collection Bedding, Shimmer Collection

Charming, romantic, classic. The Shimmer bedding from Martha Stewart Collection features an attractive blossom jacquard pattern over a silvery ombré ground. Darling beaded appliqués and white ribbon stitching on accents brighten the entire look. Glistening strips of fabric and lush quilting patterns enhance the collection with beautiful simplicity.

Price: $199.99 

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Silk & Cotton Comforter Sets from Bed Bath & Beyond

Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:56 pm
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Surround yourself in luxury in one of these comforters sets in silk and cotton from Bed Bath and Beyond. The easiest, most affordable and fastest way to give your bedroom a new look would definitely be to upgrade your bedding! And what better place to do that at, than Bed Bath and Beyond. They have tons of great stuff ranging from rather affordable sets to more high end pieces which don't quite qualify under the term "budget".

If you're concientious of prices then perhaps their silk bedding sets wouldn't be the best idea for you, however there many lovely ones in cotton too which are lower price. However, if you really want luxury, soft materials and that sumptious feeling on your skin of fine materials, then wouldn't silk be a nice idea? In terms of brands, you have a wide array at BB&B to choose between such as Anthology, Nicole Miller, Amersand, Laura Ashley, Nautica and more. Some of these bedding comforters sets are simple in style with clean lines and little decor, whereas others are much more over the top.

When you think about it, going for a new comforter set is a lot more affordable than getting new bedroom furniture for example! So next time you're feeling like you're craving a change, head over to Bed Bath and Beyond, check out their selection and splurge a little on a new silk comforter, or maybe a new set of sheets. You'll feel better, you're bedroom will look better and it would be cheaper than doing any other drastic changes!


Anthology Mischa Comforter Set

Transform your bedroom with this ethnic inspired paisley Anthology Mischa Comforter Set. Bedding set offers a soft cotton blend fabric featuring a whimsical all-over print in shades of plum on a white ground. Pleating accents create surface texture on this bohemian inspired collection. 100% cotton. Twin comforter set includes 68" x 90" comforter and one standard sham. Full/Queen set includes 92" x 96" comforter and two standard shams, and King set includes 108" x 96" comforter and two king shams. Machine wash. Imported.

Price: $179.99


Bombay Librizzi Comforter Set

The Librizzi comforter set combines a bit of international flair with modern elegance. It offers unexpected details with pleating and embroidery on faux silk dupioni in a rich burgundy color. 100% polyester polyoni. Bed skirt has a 16" drop length. Full comforter set includes 80" W x 90" L comforter, bed skirt and two standard shams.

Price: $279.99

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Laura Ashley Bedding Sets - Linens, Comforters, Sheets

Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:03 am
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To turn your bedroom into a romantic oasis would be easily doine with one of these Laura Ashley bedding sets! In some sets you get the whole package - linens, comforters, sheets etc... however you can also pick up just a sheet set if you don't need a whole bedding set. Laura Ashley really is the epitome when it comes to traditional English romantic elegance. If you love small scale floral patterns, intersting color combinations, lace, subtle colors etc... then chances are you'll love these Laura Ashley bedding sets.

So here do you find these sheets and comforters? Well, Laura Ashley bedding products can be found at a couple of different places such as overstock, amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond to mention a few. Occasionally you can also find Laura Ashley products at low price stores such as TJ Maxx, so if you're on a budget, then I would start by checking there. However amazon and other such online stores also feature great prices and sometimes they have good specials. When it comes to sheets you can find both cotton as well as flannel, however mostly hte Laura Ashley bedding sets tend to be made out of cotton, and isn't that so much better than this fake sateen products where you don't quite know what's in it! 

To update the bedding in your bedroom is really one of the best and easiest methods of getting a new look going without spending a ton of money. And when it comes to romantic, elegant, floral bedding sets, well then Laura Ashley wins, hands down!

laura ashley bedding

Laura Ashley Addison Full-size 4-piece Comforter Set

This Addison comforter set features a purple damask print bordered by solid purple panels with pintuck details. The comforter reverses to a solid light pink color. Set includes: Comforter, bedskirt, and two shams

Price: $179.99 

laura ashley bedding

Laura Ashley 4-piece Flannel Sheet Set

Stay warm and cozy with these chic flannel sheets from Laura Ashley. With 160 GSM construction, these flannel sheets are both durable and soft. Set includes: Flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases (one in twin)

Price: $35.99

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Bedspreads at Bed Bath & Beyond - Quilted, Matelasse & Chenille

Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:23 am
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It wouldn't be hard to find something suitable for your bedroom within this selection of bedspreads at Bed Bath and Beyond! No matter whether you're looking for a quilted bedspread, matelasse bedspread or a chenille bedspread, you certainly have plenty of options to choose between. To simply update your bedspread is a really easy and effective way to go. Since the bed usually takes up the majority of the space in the bedroom anyway, any new coverlet will really affect the general looks, so a new design can make a huge difference.

Picking the right design can be tricky though. Do you prefer something romantic? Something cute and adorable? Something clean and hotel like? Perhaps something rich, sumptous and sexy? Over at Bed Bath and Beyond you really have a wide spread of different designs, there is something for all desires!

Let's take a look at the Amherst bedspread first! This one features a quilted design, with a chocolate brown border. The design is quite light in general with its floral pattern and I think this one would work nicely in most settings... Then you have the King Charles matelasse bedspread. This one is available in  ton of different colors. The dark red is quite rich though, wouldn't you say! Then you have the Lamont Home Jessica chenille bedspread. This one is also available in several different designs so it doesn't matter whether you would prefer it in white, green, blue or beige, you have your pick!

To me, it makes a lot of sense to get a new coverlet if you're craving a fresh touch in the bedroom. To do that is a lot cheaper than it would be to get a whole new bed or a lot less hassle than repainting for example. And Bed Bath and Beyond surely have a lot of neat designs to choose between! 


Amherst Bedspread, 100% Cotton

The Amherst quilted bedspread is adorned with a charming, delicate floral vine embroidery that transforms your bedroom into a soothing garden retreat. Soft reds and greens on an ivory ground are bordered by a light chocolate brown and recall a carefree day out in nature, and the bedspread's luxurious all-cotton construction will comfort you all night long. 100% cotton.

Price: $169.99



King Charles Matelasse Scarlet Bedspread, 100% Cotton

Steeped in Historic Charleston's rich, classic style and decorative arts culture, the King Charles 100% cotton matelasse bedding collection offers the ultimate blend of European, Caribbean, and Asian influences. The luxuriously soft bedspread and accessories feature classic 19th century motifs representing the sun, a topiary, a pheasant, and a pineapple.

Price: $149.99


Lamont Home Jessica Chenille Bedspread - White/ Natural

A plush chenille bedspread adds a classic style to any decor. This luxuriously soft chenille bedspread features a floral pattern enhanced with scrollwork and decorative fringe. Twin measures 110" L x 81" W. Full measures 110" L x 96" W. Queen measures 120" L x 102" W. King measures 120" L x 120" W. 100% cotton chenille. Machine wash, cold. Made in India. Coordinating accessories sold separately

Price: $139.99

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Quilted Daybed Bedding Sets by Nautica & Laura Ashley

Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:19 am
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Transform your daybed with one of these quilted daybed bedding sets by Nautica or Laura Ashley! Since daybeds are a little different in terms of design than regular beds, it can be hard to get a very sleek and proper impression. It's easy that it looks a little messy and unkept if you go for regular sheets and comforters. So, what do you do? You go for a specially designed daybed bedding set of course! Bed Bath and Beyond is really great store to go for this kind of product. They actually carry a rather wide array of daybed sets ranging from super clean and simple in white, to more elaborate designs such as these quilted comforters and pillows.

Let's look at the Nautica daybed set first! This one features a quilted design that primarily goes in lbues, beige and white. In other words - Nautical would be a good description for it! It also comes with a matching bedskirt, and three standard shams. All you need to complete this setting would be some crisp sheets underneath this cover!

Further down on the page you can see the Laura Ashley daybed set and isn't this just a romantic dream in light pink and floral patterns! I just love this Laura Ashley cover and matching shams and bedskirts, it would be ideal if your little girl has a daybed in her room, don't you think? Both of these sets are priced at $149, which seems like a reasonable amount considering what you get for your money... I just love the sleek designs one of these bedding sets will give your daybed - you would get instant good looks without much effort! 

daybed set

Nautica Chatham Twin Daybed Set, 100% Cotton

This classically designed daybed set features a yarn-dyed patchwork of blue-based plaids and solids with touches of red, green, white and khaki. An easy addition to any guest room that creates instant timeless style. 100% cotton cover and fill. Bed skirt has a 15" drop length. Set includes 39" W x 75" L daybed cover, bed skirt and three standard shams. Machine wash. Imported.

Price: $149.99 

daybed set

Laura Ashley Carlie Pink Daybed Quilt Set, 100% Cotton

The sweet floral pattern of this quilted daybed set adds a charming look to your decor. Shades of soft pink create a serene environment and complement the flowers beautifully. 100% cotton. Bed skirt has a 15" drop length. Daybed set includes 39" W x 75" L quilt, two quilted standard shams, one flanged standard sham and a bed skirt. Machine wash. Imported. 

Price: $149.99

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