Small Affordable Student Writing Desks at Target

Wed Dec 03, 2014 4:41 pm
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If you're trying to find a small affordable student writing desk, then checking out Target would be a great idea. Over at this rather versatile store you can find a ton of different desks and below are a couple which are surpringly nice. Focusing on fresh design and a modern approach, all of these designs are rather practical and simple - a winning combination for sure! Going down to the bare bones here is really working, these pieces feel exactly like something you'd love in your new apartment or small house. 

Target is a store that has a surprising amount of nice furniture. If you're looking for something affordable, nice looking and relative young and modern then you really can't go wrong here.... These pieces are all in a great low price range and there is quite a lot of variety here too, perfect for when you're starting fresh and want some nice pieces for your home. 
So if you're concerned about looks, about function and about price, and these writing desks which would be ideal to check out. There are several colors available and they're all really nice looking. 

Threshold Basic Desk

"Interior decorating today doesn’t have to be expensive; the Threshold™ Basic Desk is the perfect example. This small office desk is completely affordable and incredibly functional while being a beautiful addition to your home, office, apartment, or dorm room. The small profile of 42x20” gives you the flexibility to make the most of the space you have. The single drawer stretches the entire length of the desk, giving you as much storage as possible while maintaining the minimalist lines. Get the look you want in your home, added functionality without compromising the space; this desk is a decorator’s dream."

Hamilton X Slat Office Desk - White

"Create office or study space anywhere with this desk from Hamilton. Part of the 10 Spring Street collection, it features a clean, streamlined design and X-shaped slatted sides. Made from hardwood with a white painted finish, it has a large center drawer to hold your pens, papers and other essentials." 

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