Pier 1 Outdoor Rugs - Floral & Persian

Mon Aug 05, 2013 8:05 am
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Why not add one of these Pier 1 outdoor rugs in a floral or Persian pattern to your porch or patio? Going that route will definitely add a lot of texture and comfort and make your outdoor space more of an indoor / outdoor area where you simply want to hang out and relax with friends.

Nowadays you can find some pretty sweet looking outdoor rugs and Pier 1 certainly offers a wide selection of unusual designs that you usually don't find in the outdoor rug category. How about an oriental Persian rug for outdoors? Now that's pretty cool and would be ideal if you want something that's going to incorporate that oriental feel into your outdoor living space.

You can also find wonderful floral patterns and styles which would be perfect for summer as well as solid colors if you want something a bit more toned down. These outdoor rugs from Pier 1 are all durable and strong and made specifically for outdoor use so they should be able to handle some rain and of course exposure to the wind and the sun without any issues. Of course, you might not want to leave them out all winter in the snow, but reasonable exposure shouldn't be a problem.

I just think that a sweet looking outdoor rug can add so much in terms of style and comfort, this would definitely be the thing to do if you're looking for ways to make your patio, balcony or porch the most comfortable ever.

Catalina Cove Rugs

"Garden flowers that stay fresh? Welcome to Catalina Cove, where the impossible is not only possible but also: Pretty. Our durable outdoor rug resists the elements so you can use it for patios and porches, or inside for a kid-friendly floor covering. Coordinates with cushions, rugs, umbrellas and more from our complete Catalina Cove Outdoor Collection."

Price: $209.96 - $419.96

Persian Rugs - Turquoise
About 500 B.C., rugs began to make their way into homes around the globe. Now, this rug is ready to move outside, thanks to its durable man-made materials and intricate details that convert your porch or terrace into a private oasis.

Price: $31.45 - $62.95

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