Lush Thick Shag Area Rugs from Costco

Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:40 am
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These lush thick shag area rugs from Costco would be absolutely perfect if you're trying to find something comfortable to use in your home. While shag area rugs are annoying to clean, they are also really comfortable and they just add such a nice touch to any space, no matter where you place it. Imagine having one in front of the fireplace, in the living room, in the bedroom - anywhere where you want to just sit down and relax.
Costco is one of those stores which might not immediately come to mind when it comes buying furniture, however they actually have a very wide selection of different options ranging from pieces for the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen etc.... Not all pieces are available at all stores, however at their website you have a ton of choices.
Over at Costco you can find a lot of different options so so no matter what you're looking for it shouldn't be too hard to find something suitable.

Majestic Shag Polypropylene Rug Collection

"Lush, deep, and inviting - Sink your toes into the Majestic Shag Rug and watch them disappear. The unique combination of fine and thick yarns ensures an extraordinarily plush appearance and the machine made construction will not shed nor lose its bulk over time. Easy to clean and anti-static. "  

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