Doren Bunk Bed in Walnut Wood from Sears

Wed Dec 03, 2014 12:12 pm
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This Diren bunk bed in walnut wood from Sears is really great looking and would be perfect for a kids bedroom. There is just something quite special about a bunk bed - it's that magical place where you can play, that's cozy and that of course maximizes the room and gives you more space. This Dorel Home Furnishing bunk bed in walnut would be the greatest choice if you want something that your child could grow with over time and that isn't just good for a year or two.
Overall, heading to Sears home improvement store when it comes to buying furniture is really not a bad idea. Over at Sears you can find a wide array of bunk beds as well as other furniture and these are made in really great quality and some come at pretty good prices too. When it comes to picking a bunk bed you have the obvious configuration (bunk on bunk, bunk over desk etc...), then style and color and of course price.
So no matter what type of furniture you're looking for, check out the selection at Sears for lots of great options. 
Dorel Home Furnishings Bunk Bed Walnut

"Give the kiddos something to be excited about with this Dorel Bunk Bed (Walnut) from Sears. After all, every kid loves a bunk bed! This sturdy bunk bed is the perfect space-saving solution for a shared bedroom. The kids will enjoy the sense of adventure that a bunk bed brings, and they’ll have that much more room to play and do activities. And when the little ones have outgrown this stacked sleeping arrangement, this two-in-one bunk bed converts to two twin-size beds—so both children can have their own separate space."  

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