Allen Roth Moravia Cherry Bathroom Vanity & Cabinet at Lowes

Tue Apr 09, 2013 10:27 am
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The understated sophistication here in this Allen Roth Moravia cherry bathroom vanity and cabinet from Lowes is quite substantial I would say. If you've been looking for a nice small bathroom vanity that would be a good size for a powder bath and that has the dark warm finish of cherry, then I think these pieces here would be absolutely perfect.

It would be easy to fall in love with this Allen Roth cherry sable Moravia bathroom vanity, simply because it's so clean and simple. The sink makes up the whole top, there is no additional countertop, and for a half bath, or a guest bath that's actually really nice because it makes for less cleaning. This vanity comes with a storage drawer inside the cabinet, however you should beware that the combo top faucet is not included, although that just gives you an opportunity to buy one that you like.

The Allen Roth Moravia wall cabinet matches the vanity perfectly, so if you're looking for a way to add some additional storage space, then I think this would be perfect. This cabinet comes with a towel rack as well as two bowed doors and an adjustable shelf inside. These Allen Roth bathroom storage cabinets are absolutely gorgeous, and surprisingly affordable I must say, so if you're about to throw yourself into a bathroom remodel and you want something that is reasonable in price, but even more impressive in terms of looks, then this would be the brand and model for you.

allen + roth 23-3/4-in Cherry Sable Moravia Single Sink Bathroom Vanity

"Fine furniture grade construction. Fully functional storage drawer inside cabinet. High quality vitreous 1-piece combo top faucet not included. Fully adjustable Euro style door hinges"

Price: $269

allen + roth Moravia 25-in H x 22-in W x 8-in D Sable Wall Cabinet

"Wall mounted bath cabinet. 2 bow curved doors. Interior adjustable shelf. Lower towel bar display. Brushed-nickel hardware. Laminate Sable finish on real wood veneer"

Price: $129


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