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Wrought Iron Porch Columns from Home Depot

Wed Aug 22, 2012 8:24 am
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 Add a bit of decorative flair to your home with one of these wrought iron porch columns from Home Depot! Objects made out of cast iron tend to be rather detailed in terms of accents and very decorative, and I would say the same rings true for these metal porch columns! Over at Home Depot you can find quite a few nice porch columns with this design, some which are meant for the corners such as the one below, and then others which are meant for the other areas of the porch. You don't necessarily have to use these columns for a patio, in fact you could use them for any outdoor overhang such as a patio or if you're creating your own personal pergola for example!

Village Ironsmith is the brand of these columns, and doesn't that name just fit perfectly with the product! The prices range between $27 to $50 per column, obviously you have to pay more for the corner ones. Village Ironsmith apparently have other metal scroll products at Home Depot, and these columns supposedly fit with their railings and other products. When I look at this picture, I imagine a wonderful outdoor setting with grape vines climbing or some other green lush plant. Perhaps some nice outdoor furniture, a lovely bottle of wine, some flavorful cheese... Now isn't that a nice setting! And the good thing is, it wouldn't be terribly expensive to create nor very difficult with these wrought iron columns from Home Depot!

wrought iron porch column

Village Ironsmith 8 ft. Scroll Design Corner Column

The Village Ironsmith 8 ft. Scroll Design Corner Decorative Column is made from steel with a decorative appearance. It can be used with any rail system for porch or patio overhangs. The column can be used in flat or corner applications. Not designed for structural support. Decorative 3 - S Design Flat Column. Installs with V500 Column Sockets (sold separately). Fits with all village ironsmith railing. Compatible with village ironsmith railings. Manufactured with 1 in. square tubing

Price: $49.88

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