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Vinyl Folding Closet Door from Lowes

Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:02 am
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If you're looking for something practical and affordable when setting up your closet, then perhaps this vinyl folding closet door from Lowes might be something worth looking into. Over at Lowes home improvement store you definitely have quite a few options when it comes to interior closet doors - you can find them folding, accordion, slab, bifold etc… so no matter what kind of model you were looking for it shouldn't be too hard to find something suitable.

In terms of brands, Spectrum and Reliabilt seems to be the brands that Lowes offers when it comes to folding closet doors made out of vinyl. The Spectrum closet door is quite a bit more expensive at $182 if you compare it to the ReliaBilt folding closet door for only $27, that kind of makes you wonder what would make up for that rather huge difference!

Well, for one the Spectrum door features an oak veneer, so if you want something that is made out of vinyl however it looks as if it's made out of wood, then this might be something worthwhile for you. if you simply don't care about the looks, or you even prefer one that looks like it's made out of vinyl, then it seems a lot more affordable to go for the Reliabilt one.

Both of these doors seem worth looking into, and going for one of these can be a really good idea, especially if you don't have a big bedroom to work with and you don't want a door that swings wide open and takes up space.

Spectrum 49-in x 95-in Oak Vinyl Folding Closet Door

"Durable and maintenance free. Crafted of energy-efficient, double wall vinyl panels with flexible vinyl hinges. Finish coated with scratch-resistant, clear UV varnish. Trim easily to any height. Vinyl panels may be removed for door openings less than 48" wide"

Price: $182.99

ReliaBilt 36-in x 78-1/4-in White Vinyl Folding Closet Door

"Crafted of solid vinyl panels with flexible vinyl hinges. Available in attractive colors, including woodgrain finishes. Fully assembled, complete with all hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. Included in door kit is 36 In. of track. Door trims easily to any height. May be installed as a double door, using two single doors. Durable and maintenance-free"

Price: $27.00

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Sun Jul 26, 2015 9:02 am
Name: Ken Butcher URL: Comment: I have a closet which has a 95 x 80 inch opening. I would like to have two 48 inch folding doors to cover that opening,. Is that possible? send me a link to the item

URL: http: (ex.
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