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Shower Stalls from Lowes by Sterling & Aqua Glass

Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:06 pm
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Hygenic, easy to install, and sleek looking; that's one way to describe these shower stalls from Lowes by Sterling and Aquat Glass. If you're planning on remodeling your bathroom, and you're looking for various options, then going with a shower stall makes a lot of sense. Perhaps you currently have a tub in the bathroom that you never ever use and you figured it would be nicer to have a shower stall. Or maybe your old stall looks as if it has seen better days and you're thinking of updating.

Well, over at Lowes you do have a ton of different options to choose between in various sizes, designs and price ranges. Let's take a look at the products below: the first one is a Sterling shower stall. This one is made out of Vikrell material so it's extremely durable and great to use in a bathroom. Don't you also just love the clean and simple design here? The design is modular so it would be really easy to install... Another nice feature about this one is the rounded interior space with recessed shelves which provides room for lots of different beauty products.

Then you have the Aqua Glass shower stall further down on the page. This one is made out of acrylic and comes with a molded seat so you could sit down when you take a shower. It features a textured bottom and a very clean design. This one would also be a great choice! So no matter what it is you're looking for in terms of a shower stall, chances are you'll find it at Lowes home improvement store since they have so many great designs available and low prices too!

lowes shower stall

Sterling 36"W x 36"D x 77"H White Vikrell Shower Unit

Made from solid Vikrell material for strength, durability, and lasting beauty. Modular design allows for easy installation during any phase of construction. Geometric backwall design adds visual interest while easy to clean. Rounded interior space provides more room for the bather. Abundant, recessed storage reduces the visual clutter

Price: $782

lowes shower stall

 Aqua Glass 48"W x 35"D 90"H Medium White Acrylic Shower Unit

Easy to clean. Textured bottom. Molded in seat. Domed shower

Price: $833

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