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Cheap Formica Mascarello Laminate Countertop Sheet at Lowes

Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:28 pm
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Get a great look in your kitchen for a low price with this cheap Formica Mascarello laminate countertop sheet from Lowes. If you're about to remodel your kitchen and you're researching various countertop possibilities, then let me say that a laminate counter makes a ton of sense if you're on a budget and you want something that looks like a high end stone without paying that price.

Over at Lowes home improvement store you can find a whole bunch of gorgeous looking countertopts in quartz, laminate, stone, granite and solid surface. Of course you can also find nice tile in ceramic as well as stone if you're feeling handy and have a specific look in mind. But, if you want a solid countertop sheet that's not going to blow your budget then may I recommend a nice Formica laminate countertop?

You can find sheets here that replicate very rich and warm stones, as well as sheets that look more like black granite if that's the kind of look you're going for. These Formica countertops are really well made and can handle abuse surprisingly well. A 60 inch by 12 feet countertop sheet is priced here at $163 which is really cheap, and if you were going to put down a stone or quartz counter in the same size, well then you'd have to be willing to pay many many many times more for that. So, if your budget is somewhat limited and you want something that's going to give you a nice look while also being practical and durable, then why not go for these Formical laminate counters from Lowes? The Mascarello style in particular is really nice, however there are tons of options so you can find something that's going to work perfectly with your sense of style. 

Formica Brand Laminate 60-in x 12-ft Golden Mascarello Laminate Countertop Sheet

"Technology and nature merge to create 180fx by Formica group, the first laminate with large-scale patterns that replicates the extraordinary depth and realism of exotic stones and granites at an affordable price. 180fx by Formica group is available in big, bold and dramatic patterns perfect for kitchen islands and counters. 180fx by Formica group laminate is durable, easy to maintain and stain- and impact-resistant for long lasting beauty. Like real granite, seams will be more apparent than conventional laminate due to the large scale pattern. 180fx by Formica group laminate is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified for low-emitting products including the requirements for children and schools"

Price: $163.64

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