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Allen Roth Granite Kitchen Countertops from Lowes

Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:11 pm
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If you're getting ready to redo your kitchen and you're in need of new counters, the why not go for these Allen Roth granite kitchen countertops from Lowes. Granite counters are so popular, and it seems like there is no down trend there. So why are they so popular all around today? Well, granite is first of all very beautiful, it's heat resistant and it's a real, natural material unlike man made counters. 

There of course a ton of different style granite countertops and you really need to make up your mind about what color scheme you would like. Are you thinking of black granite, a beige, a pearl, a grey - perhaps more of a reddish or green? There are so many different options, however you should definitely keep in mind what kind of cabinets you're going for since it's always nice with some contrast - if you're going for darker cabinets, then perhaps some lighter countertops and the other way around.

Overall, the Allen Roth counters at Lowes (you can also find Allen Roth quartz and solid surface countertops) are really nice and you can work with Lowes to get the installation taken cared of because stone counters isn't really something you attempt to do yourself. So head over to Lowes if you're thinking about going for some beautiful granite counters and look at the wide selection of Allen Roth colors and styles - you might have a hard time making up your mind!

Allen + Roth Granite Surface Countertops

"allen + roth granite countertops are extremely durable.  Natural characteristics include heat-, scratch- and chip-resistance along with a luminous dimensional quality making it a very popular choice for kitchen and vanity countertops."

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