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Allen Roth Faux Brick Wallpaper

Thu Dec 04, 2014 9:42 am
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With this Allen Roth faux brick wallpaper you can get that rustic look of brick, without having to actually put it up. We all know that putting up a real brick wall is a ton of work, but we also can't deny the type of rustic character that a brick wall gives a home, it's easy in other words to see the appeal here. Over at Lowes you can find a wide array of different looking brick wallpapers - some that are quite dark and others that are lighter. 
Over at Lowes home improvement store you can find a wide array of different wallpapers that suit all preferences and styles. Do you prefer something like a faux stone wall, a classic pattern or maybe something bold that will create a focal point for sure? Wallpapers are great because they provide so much impact in a space. You don't always have to wallpaper the whole room, sometimes one wall is enough.  Picking that fits your style though is important since most likely you're not going to change it too soon.
So if you're thinking of changing things around, then maybe checking out this wallpaper would be a good idea. 
allen + roth Red Peelable Vinyl Prepasted Classic Wallpaper

"Pre-pasted. Scrubbable - durable enough that it can be scrubbed with the use of moderate pressure and a damp cotton cloth or sponge. Peelable"  

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